Casper’s Flyball Successes

Casper has “flown” through his first four tournaments brilliantly! He really hit his stride this weekend in Langley, BC. He ran half Saturday and full-time Sunday (minus one race) and earned 492 points, finishing his Flyball Champion Silver title and setting a new personal best time of 5.192 seconds. Even though he is still handicapped by having me as a handler, he loves playing this game and is unfazed by all the insanity and noise around him. As a Flyball dog he is atypical, since he is 3 or 4 inches too tall to make a good height dog, but 3 or 4 inches too short to be a good speed dog. Some of the time he runs as the height dog for our team, but he sets 11″ jumps which is not short! However, he makes up for being in the unspecialized neverland there by becoming more and more reliable. Our second American tournament is in Oregon in July, and I am interested to see how he does running with a different team for the first time.

Our Flyball teammate made a fun video complication from our last practice, which can be seen here.


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