I just read a surprisingly good article by AKC called “Sign Right Here: Everything You Need to Know About Breeder Contracts” and wanted to share.

Contracts are an area of study I find personally fascinating, and I have drafted quite a few (and am currently waiting on lawyer review of one!). It’s hard or impossible to contractually obligate someone to treat what is legally a physical possession or item as a family member – but that is what contracts attempt to do. In my work I see too often vets advising puppy buyers how to get out of contracts with breeders. This bothers me at it is not the vet’s place to do so, and if you are buying a puppy and have a problem with any lines in the proposed contract – don’t sign it. Discuss it, ask for flexible items to be changed, and walk away if it’s something you can’t live with – but don’t purposely breach a contract if it’s not what you expected. I suspect most good breeders are happy to alter any lines or clauses that you take issue with, or provide a good reason why they will not. Contracts are an agreement, a warranty, and information – make sure they are well understood!