Spring 2018

Well, we had a quiet winter which burst into spring with a couple major events. First, in March we attended the Kooikerhondje National Specialty in Louisville, KY. (We aren't allowed to call it a Specialty due to AKC rules about club sanctioning, but functionally that's what it was!) I took Casper and flew with him... Continue Reading →

Certificate of Merit!

Today we got some very welcome mail - Casper's Certificate of Merit arrived from AKC! A CM is the rare breeds' (breeds in FSS and Miscellaneous classes) equivalent of a Championship, and is a suffix title instead of a prefix. Since Kooikers will be fully recognized in January 2018, before Casper even turns 2 (and... Continue Reading →

RBIS and adventures in birddogging

The first weekend of July is the UKC Washington Classic show series at Argus Ranch in Auburn, WA. This year I took only Casper, with the goal of winning the Total Dog award - this is given when a dog qualifies in a performance event AND wins a competitive placement in conformation, at the same... Continue Reading →

Casper’s Flyball Successes

Casper has "flown" through his first four tournaments brilliantly! He really hit his stride this weekend in Langley, BC. He ran half Saturday and full-time Sunday (minus one race) and earned 492 points, finishing his Flyball Champion Silver title and setting a new personal best time of 5.192 seconds. Even though he is still handicapped... Continue Reading →

Miscellaneous Class Thoughts

Kooikerhondjes are in AKC's Miscellaneous Class. AKC has a program through which rare breeds have to clear their hurdles in order to receive full recognition: their Foundation Stock Service program. Rare breeds with an active club can apply to be FSS listed, and then they are eligible to compete in AKC's Open Shows (read: rare... Continue Reading →

Kooiker FAQ!

With Kooikers, even walking down the street or posting a cute picture on Facebook turns into an impromptu Meet The Breed Q&A session. I do find that while there is plenty of information about Kooikers out there, most websites don't hit on the biggest questions people ask, so here is a list of the most... Continue Reading →

Successes in Open Show, Rally, and Flyball

  We are just back from the Ephrata-Moses Lake Kennel Club Open Shows in Moses Lake, WA. Braam is coming home having been awarded Best In Miscellaneous/Best of Breed twice, and Casper Best In Miscellaneous/BOB once, proceeding to Best In Open Show! We would like to thank the EMLKC for offering these three shows in... Continue Reading →


Braam got mail today! In recognition of his hard work performing therapy visits to schools and medical facilities as a registered Alliance of Therapy Dogs team, Braam officially has the titles THDN CGC after his name. 

Seattle Kennel Club 2017

Seattle Kennel Club was the very first show I ever entered, with Braam in 2014 in the Pumi Club's Open Show when we were still in FSS. That year I also decided we should start a Meet The Breed booth at the event, so in addition to never having shown a dog in my life,... Continue Reading →

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