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Gretchen and her Kooikerhondjes are from Seattle, WA but currently live in Chattanooga, TN. We enjoy having outdoor adventures and training and competing in various activities.

I have been involved in this rare breed since we brought home our first Kooiker, Luna, in 2001. After her passing, I brought Braam home from Texas in 2013. He was joined in March 2016 by Casper, who I was lucky enough to bring directly from the Netherlands. Co-owned Huxley from Austria followed in 2018 and Casper’s daughter Maaike joined the household in 2021.

I have a degree in Animal Biology with concentrations in Conservation and Reproductive Biology from UC Davis, and have a special interest in health and genetics of small populations. I work on KCUSA’s Health and Genetics and Rescue Committees.

Member of KCUSA and VHNK.

Gretchen on an eendenkooi in the Netherlands

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