Kooiker FAQ!

With Kooikers, even walking down the street or posting a cute picture on Facebook turns into an impromptu Meet The Breed Q&A session. I do find that while there is plenty of information about Kooikers out there, most websites don't hit on the biggest questions people ask, so here is a list of the most... Continue Reading →

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Kooikerhondje Health Testing

There are currently five health tests required for American Kooikerhondjes to earn their CHIC number and thus be "fully health tested." Here is how to do them and how to interpret them.

Kooikerhondjes as bird dogs?

Are Kooikers bird dogs? Or gun dogs? Or sporting dogs? What do these words mean in the context of a breed that is a spaniel but was not meant to work under a gun, and can Kooikers be redeployed to do more traditional bird dog work in the field?

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