Kooiker FAQ!

We do lots of Meet The Breeds events. But with the Kooikers, even walking down the street or posting a cute picture on Facebook turns into an impromptu MTB Q&A session. I do find that while there is plenty of information about Kooikers out there, most websites don't hit on the biggest questions people ask, … Continue reading Kooiker FAQ!

Contribute to Kooiker behavioral research

The VHNK and Utrecht University have published a new survey attempting to gather behavioral data about your Kooikerhondje. This is an important opportunity to contribute to ongoing research towards the development of characterizing temperament in the developing Kooiker breeding management app. You'll need your dog's microchip #, registration # and registered name. Find links here: … Continue reading Contribute to Kooiker behavioral research

Kooikerhondjes vs. Cheetahs – a conservation case study

Kooikerhondje images from the VHNK. Cheetah photos by Etienne Steenkamp and Jean Witterlin. What do Kooikerhondjes and Cheetahs (Acinonyx jubatus) have in common? Not much on the surface, but as it turns out, they share aspects of their history, genetics and population dynamics that may be illuminating in the pursuit of breed preservation - the … Continue reading Kooikerhondjes vs. Cheetahs – a conservation case study

Accessing Kooiker data in the Register/Zooeasy and joining the VHNK – AKA how to send Euros!

One of the "barriers to entry" for potential enthusiasts of Kooikerhondjes is that we as Americans aren't quite used to a structure where all of the information is "held" by a foreign organization. Most Americans also are unfamiliar with how to transfer money within the European system of bank accounts. It can be intimidating and … Continue reading Accessing Kooiker data in the Register/Zooeasy and joining the VHNK – AKA how to send Euros!


I just read a surprisingly good article by AKC called "Sign Right Here: Everything You Need to Know About Breeder Contracts" and wanted to share. Contracts are an area of study I find personally fascinating, and I have drafted quite a few (and am currently waiting on lawyer review of one!). It's hard or impossible … Continue reading Contracts