AKC SR93344001 / UKC R262-197 / NHSB 3030300

DOB: 6 January 2016

Size: 16.5″ = 41.9cm/25 lbs

Health Testing: Eyes: E1, not hereditary. Hips: Excellent. Patellas: Clear. Free/not a carrier of vWD and ENM. PM low risk: heterozygous.

Casper is from Qunack’s Favor and is co-owned with Golden Gate Kooikers.

Casper is an incredible boy that came to Seattle with me all the way from the Netherlands! In March 2016, I took a fabulous trip to not only pick up my new puppy from the wonderful Astrid Straaijer, but I also got to attend the VHNK’s Nestkeuring (and see the touristy sites too!). Ever since Casper touched down in the states, he has been a clever, cuddly puppy with an enviable work ethic. We train in field work, nosework, agility, rally obedience, truffle hunting, and working the eendenkooi at home, and clever Casper picks things up rapidly. In addition, Casper excels at conformation, and judges have rewarded his solid rear and excellent movement – he was awarded a UKC Best In Show before he turned one year! In AKC, he went Best In Open Show at 15 months and finished his CM (rare breeds’ equivalent of a CH) at 21 months. He experienced his first lure coursing/Fast CAT events in 2017 and promptly posted the fastest breed MPH (26.12) for 2017 (second-fastest all-time!)

We joined the local Flyball team when he was eight months old, and ran in his first tournaments at 15 months of age. Flyball is his first love, and he has run with six different teams in six different states and two countries. He has a personal best time of 4.449 in NAFA, and recorded U-FLI singles times 4.504 over his own height 9″ and 4.336 over 6″. He is the all-time highest-pointed of his breed in both Flyball venues, NAFA and U-FLI, and is a valuable team member as he can run any position with any team, and even in a pinch run as a height dog. Flyball excellence is in his blood; his great-great granddam Cheetah was on the team that won the Dutch Flyball championships in 1993 and 1994.

Casper has completed his CHIC testing requirements, and has DNA evaluated through AKC, RvB, and Mars’ Optimal Selection program. His CERF (eye) exam in OFA shows “E1 cataracts – suspect not inherited” – he has “birth defect” opacities in his eye, which are neither heritable nor clinically significant (they will not expand nor cause blindness). He had an excellent collection at the age of two and has frozen semen stored with ICSB. Casper has been evaluated in a European-show style by expert Dutch judge Diana Striegel, and his written evaluations are here:

Evaluation July 2016 (7 months)

Evaluation March 2018 (2 years)

Casper sired the Golden Gate “Alpine” litter in April 2019 out of “Emmi” – Waterbound Endearing Emmi. Seven females and one male resulted. See an album of puppy photos here. Casper’s second litter was Golden Gate’s “Dreams” litter in April 2021 with Jinger – Mendikan Jinger Doora – 4 girls and 4 boys. All are healthy and doing well, and we are so proud of them!

Sire Amber’s Uno-Ultimo v.d. Toetesteijn


Sire Lente Lucas v.d. Zwarte Bellen Hoeve Sire Manusia’s Ysbrand Sire Manusia’s Diesel
Dam Manusia’s Wietze
Dam Delfs Lindi v.d. Zwarte Bellen Hoeve Sire Nyarr Scooter Urjette van Muskyteira
Dam Renske
Dam Exit’s Orange Amber v.d. Toestesteijn Sire Manusia’s Cooper Sire Kasper
Dam Pepper Uit ‘t Wilgenbosch
Dam Oase’s Exit v.d. Toetesteijn Sire Collin
Dam Amber Cheetah v. ‘t. Keuzersland
Dam Cirtap’s Hertogin Habibi van Qera-L


Sire Cirtap’s Prins L-D Linux van Berk Sire Diko Iriot v.d. Cluster Sire Irian Cokkie v. Muskyteira
Dam Otje v.h. Runxputtehof
Dam Cirtap’s J-G Prinses Leopoldina Sire Dancer’s Golden Gift v.d. Toetesteijn
Dam Orangewhite Jorrie v. Dyjadin
Dam Qunack’s Favor Quality Queen Qera Sire Amazing Elegant Emperor Achteraf Sire Irian Cokkie v. Muskyteira
Dam Amazing Astra Achteraf
Dam Favorite Wescalle v. Muskyteira Sire Tuffy v.h. Beloken Land
Dam Wescalle Sabrina v. Muskyteira

Some images above taken by Bridget Bloesch.

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