Welcome, Huxley!

It's been three weeks since our new Kooikerboy, Huxley, touched down in the States. Huxley Ellis Finn van Crystalkooi, bred in Austria by Marion Weissenbrunner, will be living in Virginia with my good friend Elise, destined for a pampered life as a performance dog! I am so excited about our new co-ownership adventure and for … Continue reading Welcome, Huxley!

Spring 2018

Well, we had a quiet winter which burst into spring with a couple major events. First, in March we attended the Kooikerhondje National Specialty in Louisville, KY. (We aren't allowed to call it a Specialty due to AKC rules about club sanctioning, but functionally that's what it was!) I took Casper and flew with him … Continue reading Spring 2018

Kooiker FAQ!

We do lots of Meet The Breeds events. But with the Kooikers, even walking down the street or posting a cute picture on Facebook turns into an impromptu MTB Q&A session. I do find that while there is plenty of information about Kooikers out there, most websites don't hit on the biggest questions people ask, … Continue reading Kooiker FAQ!