A busy three days

Three days, six dog sports.

On Sunday, we attended a Fun Run event and did a few runs each of agility and rally.

Both boys did very well but were a bit too fast to photograph at agility! Braam ran agility with my friend Jackie and aced the obstacles. Casper invented a new way of getting onto the A-frame (by leaping onto the tunnel and using it as a launch point) but did great on all the obstacles except that scary teeter. I then ran them though the rally course quite a few times. They did much better at this and we may be close to trial-ready!

Later that day, Casper and I went to Flyball. While Casper ran his first full Flyball course in the backyard at just 5 months and 2 days old, he has had some trouble repeating that behavior at practice (we haven’t been able to make it to practice too often either, so that probably has something to do with it!). However, he did great on Sunday – his ten-month birthday – and will do a complete (two-jump, due to space size) run now. We also practiced passing with another dog over jumps, and he picked right up on the fact that he is meant to ignore the other dog. Super Casper! I had to take blurry stills from a video to get pictures:


On Monday we practiced tolling in the feendenkooi, and did some backyard Flyball practice.

On Tuesday the sun came out and it was in the low 70s! We went to the park to do some nosework. We are working up to being able to search for wild truffles.


Tuesday evening was conformation handling practice with Casper.14956392_10154330773222639_4677404799380798339_n

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