Casper x Emmi Litter 7 weeks (+ Braam RBIS!)

It's been nearly a month since we were in California visiting Casper's litter with Emmi (Waterbound Endearing Emmi). They've been in their new homes and doing well. We absolutely loved seeing their different personalities and Susanne and helpers have done such a lovely job with them - we wish them the best in their future... Continue Reading →

Spring 2018

Well, we had a quiet winter which burst into spring with a couple major events. First, in March we attended the Kooikerhondje National Specialty in Louisville, KY. (We aren't allowed to call it a Specialty due to AKC rules about club sanctioning, but functionally that's what it was!) I took Casper and flew with him... Continue Reading →

Seattle Kennel Club 2017

Seattle Kennel Club was the very first show I ever entered, with Braam in 2014 in the Pumi Club's Open Show when we were still in FSS. That year I also decided we should start a Meet The Breed booth at the event, so in addition to never having shown a dog in my life,... Continue Reading →

Braam’s therapy work

Braam is rapidly building his therapy dog momentum! He loves therapy visits more than any other activity we have done, so we are hoping to do more visits in more places in the future and maybe work towards an AKC Therapy Dog title! Right now we are going on visits with College Dogs, which focuses on doing visits with... Continue Reading →

A busy three days

Three days, six dog sports. On Sunday, we attended a Fun Run event and did a few runs each of agility and rally. Both boys did very well but were a bit too fast to photograph at agility! Braam ran agility with my friend Jackie and aced the obstacles. Casper invented a new way of... Continue Reading →

Rally Obedience

Today we began class in Rally Obedience. I have wanted to try Rally for some time, and we last-minute found an opportunity near us. We have trouble finding training locations and trainers that aren't way out in the suburbs, so I leapt at this opportunity. I only brought Braam, and he did as well as... Continue Reading →

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