Seattle Kennel Club 2017

Seattle Kennel Club was the very first show I ever entered, with Braam in 2014 in the Pumi Club’s Open Show when we were still in FSS. That year I also decided we should start a Meet The Breed booth at the event, so in addition to never having shown a dog in my life, I also took it upon myself to organize the decorating and staffing of a booth all weekend. It went ok though – Braam took BOB and we won a booth award!

We were back this year at our hometown dog show. This year, Casper made his public Flyball debut at SKC! He did great both days and ran solidly without distraction, even amongst the noise and the crowd and the loudspeakers. On Friday morning before the show, we were invited to the Event Center to film a local TV program about it, so Casper can be seen running and introducing the next segment on Evening Magazine.

Casper continued his superdog status by going Best of Breed in the conformation ring, then running Flyball, then back in for Best in Miscellaneous, which he won as well on Saturday! On Sunday we had a ring conflict with Flyball and Casper went Best Opposite to Ati, who also went on to win Best in Miscellaneous.

Both boys spent their between-ring time manning the Kooiker booth (which again won a prize!) and participating in the Meet The Breeds ring. They did wonderfully and were friendly towards all visitors. I am very proud of how they behaved and represented the best their breed can be.

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