Moved to Tennessee!

One month ago, the Kooikerboys and I deserted the grey doldrums of Seattle and drove across the country to our new house in Chattanooga, Tennessee. We were greeted upon our arrival with a great visit with our co-owned boy Huxley! We are hoping to see him more often as well as be more centrally located for dog training and events.

Some snaps from Huxley and Isa’s visit to our new home!


I still have family and many friends in Seattle though and I did leave halfway through some potential local rescue cases there – so I’m still willing to help anyone that wants a Western Washington Kooiker contact or help.

In other news:

  • Braam went to the Great Smoky Mountains Dog Club UKC show in Athens, TN last weekend, just to find out what the local dog community was like. We had a great time and after agonizingly slow decisions, B was awarded 2nd in the surprisingly-competitive Gundog group just after the #1 Gundog in the country. He behaved perfectly and enjoys showing so much!
  • Casper has started training Flyball and Agility here in Chattanooga and is doing well.
  • Casper’s puppies from his litter with Emmi are all growing up well and doing fantastically in their new homes. We enjoy regular pictures and updates of all of them.

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